The Wonderful World of Edibles: Top 5 Companies.

For the newer medical or recreational users, getting into the world of edibles can be quite overwhelming.  Each day it seems that a new company or product is cropping up with some brand new THC-infused goodie guaranteed to blow your taste buds and mind at the same time.

While there’s no harm in trying the first thing that catches your fancy, we’ve put together this little guide on some of the most renowned companies to get you started.  These companies are literally the creams, confectionaries, and pops of the crop in the edibles world.


Using proprietary extraction methods, and a passion for the science behind the cannabis plant, Fairwinds is at the forefront of the edibles industry.   According to Fairwinds, their processing methods retain more flavor and potency than the conventional techniques used by their competitors.  Each of their infused products contain a unique selection of ingredients which significantly enhance the overall experience for the consumer.

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Fairwinds specializes purely in oils, selling the standard tinctures, capsules, and concentrates meant to be taken straight or infused into food by the consumer.   Recently, they were in the headlines with a new product, Catapult – a THC infused coffee.

Dixie Elixirs


Denver, Colorado’s Dixie Elixirs is the nation’s most successful and largest edibles company in the United States.  The company, started by CEO Tripp Keber (one of the subjects of MSNBC’s reality show, Pot Barons), specializes in just about every type of edible cannabis products on the market.

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At Dixie you can find chocolates, mints, sodas, and more.   At the rate their going, Dixie is slowly becoming the Proctor and Gamble of the medical marijuana world.

Cheeba Chews

Being named “America’s favorite edible” by High Times is quite an honor, and at Denver’s Cheeba Chews their wide range of THC infused confectionary products certainly live up to the title.

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Cheeba has exploded in growth since their humble beginnings six years ago, with over 11 products, 800 dispensaries carrying their candies, and three, that’s right, three Cannabis Cup awards.  Each of their products start with a 70-mg dose of THC, packing quite a punch, considering the industry standard is only 10-mgs.  Their highest dosage tops out at 175-mgs; leaving you medicated for hours.

Mirth Provisions


Mirth provisions have been pioneering the cannabis soda game for quite a while now in Washington.

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With flavors like Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger and Pomegranate, each of their craft soda flavors sound good on their own.  Mirth also specializes in quick, tongue spray application called Drift -- a perfect portable edible that takes just a spray to consume.



I’m just going to rattle off few words and see if they stick:  handcrafted, gourmet, cannabis-infused, marshmallows.  Are you salivating yet?  If not, check out some these amazing flavors: birthday cake, brown butter sage, strawberry shortcake, orange dreamsicle, and of course, s’mores.  Try them all Mellows with a sampler box.

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These San Francisco treats are lightly dosed with only 5-mgs of THC and are a delicious way to get medicated or relaxed.  Now, do yourself a favor and wipe up the drool on your keyboard.

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