Money to Blow: 5 Seriously Expensive Cannabis Products

Ever wondered what it would be like to smoke out bubbler that costs just as much as a Faberge’ egg? I couldn’t ever imagine what it would be like, considering I started my cannabis career taking bong rips out of homemade devices built from drill bits and two-liter bottles.

However, It’s not hard to fathom that already, in the fertile cannabis industry, luxury items exist for consumers with cash to blow. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive cannabis products on the market.


This exquisite piece from artesian glassmakers, Ryno, is priced reasonably like the piece of art it is.

image 1

This 20.5 oz. glass blown masterpiece contains a 14mm male joint, 3-hole diffusion, 6 encased opals, and is shaped like a futuristic green space monkey. Let’s be honest, I’m not sure what most of those qualities mean, but by golly, this piece sure is a looker. I certainly couldn’t imagine handling it while properly stoned without the fear of dropping it or even setting it down wrong.

Armageddon X Sirius all female seeds -- $935

For those looking to grow the most exceptional crop, the Armageddon X Sirius seeds are the magic beans for your future, potent stalk. This beautiful hybrid of NL5, Big Bud and Gaian Haze grows resiliently both indoors and out.

image 2

According to the product description:

“Has the uplift of Haze, the energy of Northern Lights 5 and stoning power of the Big Bud. This dysfunctional family creates an offspring that is 50% Gaian Haze, 25% NL5 and 25% Big Bud. All three parents are renowned producers so instead of having the best of one world you have the best of three.”

There’s quite a punch in these little seeds.

That gold joint 2 Chainz smoked – est. $1000

In an aptly named series for GQ called Most Expensivest Shit w/ 2 Chainz, Mr. Chainz himself indulged in what is known as the single most expensive joint caught on camera.

image 3

This golden-wrapped delicacy rolled up with Top Shelf and Isla strains ($800 dollars an ounce), truly embodies the caviar of joints. While bigger and more expensive joints have most likely been rolled, this particular golden spliff contained just the right amount of exclusivity be considered a pure luxury.

Phoenician Elite Grinder -- $1,495

If your life is filled champagne wishes and caviar dreams, why break your bud with a normal grinder, or worse, like a peasant with your fingers? Instead, cop yourself this 24 karat gold Phoenician Elite Grinder.

image 4

Grind away with ease as the unique “lobe design” offers users little to no exertion on their supple, upper-class wrists. Seriously though, this grinder is just stunning enough to look at, who really cares what sort of “technology” is built in?

5-Star Cannabis Infused Dining Experience -- $200 per person.

Even the most affluent smokers get hungry, and now they can have both 5-star dining and cannabis in an all-in-one experience.

Enjoy a sour diesel kief-seasoned bluefish, or a weed-oil parsley cake with a hemp crumble at Blanca in Brooklyn, during one of their private, cannabis infused dinners. Their chef’s innovations in cannabis cooking have certainly put a nail in the pot-brownie coffin.

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