The vision for the company included collaborations between professional growers and retail stores, artists affiliated with the cannabis industry, upscale hotels, and state agencies such as the Colorado Department of Tourism. A team of like-minded individuals came together in support of this vision of combining cannabis and high-end tourism. Dylan Kelley, a renowned glass artist and owner of DBK Glass Creations www.dbkglasscreations.com, came on board with experience in the cannabis industry and contacts for additional resources. Together they have forged a dynamic tourism company that offers creative, fun and safe tours for adults wishing to engage in recreational cannabis.

Our ultimate aspirations for Get Elevated, Inc. include establishing a high level of professionalism at the emergence of the cannabis travel market; becoming the dominant standard for the industry; being a source for education and advice to state agencies; creating a serious company that brings cannabis themed trips to the level of “mainstream” tours thereby altering attitudes regarding use of cannabis by responsible adults.

Above all, Get Elevated is a company that serves up exclusive, high-end travel experiences that are not only a great value but leave you with a lifelong memory filled with fun!

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