Legalize ‘IT’aly !!

Ciao my friends! Italy just this week introduced legislation to the parliament to remove criminal prohibitions on marijuana, to let Italians grow up to five plants at home, and buy cannabis from a state run monopoly according to a recent Vice report .

Approximately 14.8% of our Italian friends consume cannabis regularly enough to rank them #4, only behind the US, Zambia and Iceland. Can you imagine that travel itinerary?! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel to Italy, to your favorite town in Tuscany, enjoy a beautiful dinner accompanied by a bold Brunello Di Montalcino. To top it all off as you soak in the ambiance of the piazza that you be sitting in … fire up a bowl of some super duper kind bud? Ahhh….. the stuff of dreams.

Well that dream may be turning into reality as numerous representatives of the EU parliament realize that the war on cannabis is currently playing into the hands of other group western nations are at war with …. ISIS and other elements of organized crime. How do you ask?

Organized crime together with ‘organized terror’ control many of the smuggling routes through North Africa. Together these hash trafficking groups contribute to the almost $36 billion dollar haul for Italian organized crime.

Hopefully the Italian parliament will recognize the dangers of their continued prohibition and move legalize ‘it’aly! Ciao burners!!

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