Fly away this weekend! Pot friendly destinations for every budget

Times are changing quickly! Before you had to head across the pond to Amsterdam to experience cannabis tourism - not anymore!! Now that marijuana is legal in five U.S. states and the District of Columbia, American pot smokers can hop on a plane, train or automobile and spark up that joint a little closer to home.

With so many more options and the Amsterdam government imposing stricter regulations on herb, we thought it’s time to outline all of your pot tourism destination options along with estimated budgets for each. We will be conducting a multi-part series so stay tuned. Looking for things to do in these cities - BudHubz has you covered from everything from head shops to Buddies to smoke with.



We dug even deeper to bring you estimated weekend getaway pricing for popular cities in each of our domestic pot-friendly states.


Did we miss your favorite 420 destination? Or have you traveled to one of these locations to take a toke? Let us know in the comments below.

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