BudHubz Hit Up Jamaica – Ya Mon!

A few weeks ago, BudHubz headed down to Jamaica to look explore the landscape, partake in a few samples and have a whole lot of fun. We will be writing a few blog posts about our experience down there - you won't want to miss the "Strip club car wash" post. Yes it is exactly what you think it is...

Ok, let's get started with the nitty gritty. Despite its ganja-loving reputation, marijuana is still not technically legal. In April, 2015 that started to change with the passing of the “ganja law”. Currently it decriminalizes marijuana but only to a certain extent. Here's what it means for you travelling down to Jamaica;

1. Tourists sparking up a joint have generally been ignored, however now with the new law there is even less to worry about. The worst-case scenario for both locals and visitors is getting a ticket and a fine of about $100 American dollars — one less reason to get paranoid.

2. Marijuana was already exceedingly easy to obtain before decriminalization, so that won't change. Tourists are approached almost as soon as they step off the plane. As always cab drivers and hotel workers can typically hook you up. Our favorite were the pre-rolled joints for $5. Grab from a few sources and test out the quality - it can greatly range from low to knock you on your ass. Just make sure you are carrying less than 56 grams on you at all times.

3. If you have a medical-marijuana prescription, you'll be able to buy from a government-sanctioned facility at some point in the future, but those details have yet to be worked out.

4. Pot has always been a major, if unspoken, driver for tourism, and that will only increase with the new laws. While you can visit Bob Marley's birthplace, Nine Mile, and other marijuana farms, expect these type of tours to remain somewhat under the radar until the plantation owners can grow more than five plants legally.

5. Jamaica will continue to enforce its strict laws against transporting and trafficking drugs - so definitely don't try to sneak your remaining stash into your carry on for the flight home.

We are excited to tell you about all the crazy activities we did next.


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