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Cannabis culture is the intersection of politics, free thought, music, food, entertainment, travel and of course cannabis.

What is BudHubz?

BudHubz is the premiere website that allows cannabis connoisseurs from around the globe to come together and share the best components of cannabis culture. We are the social weedia company.

How does Budhubz work?  

The website is centered around a location based map that our Buddies use to find
• Budfriendly accommodations; whether private residences, hotels, inns or hostels.

• Recreational and medicinal dispensaries (where legally available)

• Medicinal Doctors

• And like minded Buddies nearby with whom to share an experience.

Give me an example

Tommy is flying to Denver.  Before departing he looks up some cool flats where he can be comfortable having a smoke. Next he double checks to see what dispensaries are near by, what strains are currently in stock and what fellow Buddies have to say about it.  The only thing missing is finding a few like minded people to hang out with. By entering a few hashtags, Tommy already had a list of like-minded people ready to hang out with and show him around Denver. A quick conversation later – and Tommy has everything he needs for his upcoming trip.

Budhubz is a social weedia company that strives to help connoisseurs truly spread Cannabis culture and the associated positive benefits around the world.


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